Thursday, June 30, 2011

Wednesday nite in the park...

Layla wanted to meet her friends in town last night at the big church to watch the RI State Wind Ensemble.  I have to say it was  pretty good time and it was fun to sit and talk with other moms.  Im not use to doing that, being as I'm usually the weird one out but I'm starting to slowly infiltrate into the realm lol Its an odd feeling of acceptance now that they actually greet me with recognition and a little bit excitement instead of a side long glance of "oh look, the tattooed one just showed up". Its nice to know that sometimes the mainstream people can look past the wild side and see that I'm normal normal as I can get anyway.  I think I'm going to look up the schedule for the rest of the summer and see what else is the very least, its something to do to get Layla to see her friends for a little bit over the summer since she's not always into hanging out with people.
I have my fingers crossed that the calendulas are going to bloom today, some of them anyway...i swear i saw some yellow peeking out between the tightly clenched leaves of the largest buds. For now I'm crediting my "special" fertilizer as the thing that made them explode in the past two weeks.
My baby lavenders also seem to have exploded.  Too bad they're not going to make flowers this year.  Next year should be good though, I'll have 6 plants all together, 2 of them definitely producing this year, but not much. I'll be going to the Fort Hill Farms in Thompson, CT, possibly next weekend, to pick my own for the year.  I think it will be just back to bath products with it though, as I believe my family will revolt if I cook anything else containing lavender. 
I also realized last night its time to say good bye to the lavender syrup, because there is something growing on the top of it in the fridge. It served me well with my lemonade and vodka!
Looking forward to this 4th of July weekend, a long weekend and a child free Saturday night and my husband birthday.  I finally decided to give him exactly what he wants...absolutely nothing lol Poor guy, I always throw him a party that he doesn't want so now he gets good beer, good beef and peace and quiet. Its nice that such simple things can keep him happy.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Gardening randoms...

There's good sweat and then there's bad sweat....bad sweat is when you're just sitting around, sweating.  Good sweat comes from busting your ass for something that you want to make better. 
I spent 2 hours in the back yard last night, spiffing up the white trash palace.  Its a good way to wear yourself out and also feel accomplished at the same time.  Looking out from my deck over the yard and seeing a stick free, newly mowed and weed whacked lawn brings me a sense of peace.  It also felt good to reconnect with nature after being locked in the box all day. I'm actually finally starting to grow grass which in and of itself is amazing...its only taken 6 years to get more grass than dirt or moss. 
I'm patiently awaiting the calendulas to show themselves to me...there's buds on most of the plants and I sit and talk to them when no one is listening! Its the first time growing them and I'm dying to see what they're actually going to look like.  They will be made into various salves and balms to cure a variety of skin issues, from bug bits to rashes and they may also end up in shampoo for highlighting blond hair. 
The peppermint is coming along slowly but surely...for a while i thought i was the only person on the face of the Earth who could kill mints, but they have proven me wrong. The peppermint will become a tincture for uneasy tummys and hopefully ill have some left over to make into tea as well.
I had a moment of excitement when i realized that i could finally identify what the catnip actually is.  This will please the cats and will also be made into a tincture for those sleepless nights I sometimes get.
I was also pestered by some disgruntled hummingbirds while i was out there.  i was glad to see them again..they had been MIA since we had an excessive amount of rain a few weeks ago.  of course, they were slightly put out to find their feeder empty but the pigs had sucked the last of their food down quite fast this last time and i havent had a change to made them some more.  I have flower galore on the deck, so i have faith that they will not starve between now and then i made the food later today.
Needless to say i am over excited and probably getting a little obsessed with my garden this year.  But i guess that's OK, obsession over something that is good and worthwhile cant be a bad thing, right?

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

And so it begins

I feel like i should be starting this as "star date...06/28/11" ala Captains Kirk, Picard and Sisko but alas i do not hold the credentials of said Starfleet officers.  I guess i'll just announce that i have arrived here in blog space after someone suggested, you should do a blog and by golly, i have.  I guess this is what happens when you decide at mid-30 something that you should finally take the time to play the "lets discover who i am" game.  Who am i, in general...married mother of one, with a fat ass beagle, two shady cats and an herb garden that im trying very hard to make produce something that i can make into bath products and home remedies. Im a reader, a music listener, and a drinker of good beer. I've recently rededicated myself to the Pagan faith and am enjoying spending a good portion of my time researching, learning and investigating the various aspects of kitchen and hedge witchery as well as just finding my rightful place in this world and finally becoming comfortable in my own skin.  I'm hoping to meet some new like-minded people to talk to and share information with...come along on my wild ride.  i'm a bit of an eccentric and quirky weirdo, its bounding to be an interesting one.